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Led by metal end Accused Goldman sachs manipulation are wrong
Any kind of commodity prices, it seems to push an investment bank to the forefront, in spite of these so-called "black mouth" and "behind", an investment bank really don't have that much energy.
Despite the global prices since June last year rose to $800 per ton, but said if Goldman sachs through the above ", according to the aluminum "director the rise, the investment bank is a bit wrong. International inventory increase or reduction of aluminium and aluminium is an investment bank can calculate? The London metal exchange (LME) global aluminum high inventory is not a recent years, it has been high since 2008, the latest exchange high inventory of 4.53 million tons. And because in the past two years, the spread of global liquidity, the fed continues to "printing money", aluminium and many metals and commodities, often present inventory and prices to rise. Non-ferrous metals rising over the past year had detached from the fundamentals, major economies recovery and monetary policy has become the mainstay of price movements, an investment bank to use tools to adjust the price of supply and demand of effort is a drop in the bucket.
And because of the high inventory, overcapacity, aluminium has paid the price, it is almost all metals rose the slowest, or in the goods even the smallest representative. In 2008 after the financial crisis era, international prices overall only has more than doubled, from $1270 per ton to a maximum of more than $2800, rose by only 40% over the past year. Depart from China at the same time, because the west disregarding his global inflation intensifying and continue to print money, at the end of 2008, London copper prices rose more than double, zinc prices rebound peak than during the financial crisis has gone up 170%, while the United States cotton prices have tripled over the past year alone. Compared with these super goods, price also is but a runt, investment banking rather than in such a "stagflation" no money "goods.
Of institutions ", according to the metal "price-fixing charges and the introduction of" import "from the other varieties. As early as last year, the market has big mo ", according to the copper "rumors, there are reports that the investment bank took control of the LME market more than 50% copper stocks, become the second half of last year prices from $6000 / ton an important driver of rising to $9000 a tonne. But many people don't notice that the second half of 2010 is all commodity prices are set in half a year, metals, energy, and even produce all soared, many varieties of rise until the middle of February, silver, crude oil and other commodities even before in May this year in the hurricane. Large amounts of funds, institutional investment in copper "hoarding", "according to the aluminum" event before embedded positions and wait for money, they see is the world's money excess investment demand, rather than institutions, according to the real supply of metal fell.



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