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Our native nonferrous enterprises begin to enter regeneration areas
In recent years, due to the regeneration of non-ferrous metals in energy-saving, environmental protection, and many other advantages, some native non-ferrous metal production enterprises begin to enter renewable non-ferrous metals.
Chinalco investment focus of the construction of circular economy demonstration project to chinalco Qingdao recycled aluminum alloy with the total capacity of 200000 t, one phase of the production capacity of 120000 t was established in October 2007. December 2007 moon port group, guangzhou geil non-ferrous alloy regeneration aluminum project co., LTD., 150000 t and 150000 t zinc regeneration project start start; Henan sanmenxia tianyuan aluminium company 100000 t engineering, baotou aluminium aluminum group and regeneration of fai dragon aluminium company of henan aluminum project under construction; Tongling nonferrous metals group co., LTD., built using mixed copper scrap 75000 t tongbang factory and 60000 t copper belt factory; Yunnan copper industry group co., LTD and jiangxi copper group company is guangdong qingyuan to build 100000 t renewable copper project.
It is reported, but the development of recycling non-ferrous metal process equipment has been included in the non-ferrous metals industry work plans of key projects of science and technology, energy saving and emission reduction of nonferrous enterprises will focus on research and development application of miscellaneous scrap metal recycling and utilization of new techniques, new technology and new equipment, to integrate the tilting furnace and continuous casting and rolling technology, development of miscellaneous copper scrap directly produce the high quality bright copper rod complete technology and equipment, as soon as possible to improve and expand the level of secondary metal recycling.
Native into renewable non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals enterprise not only in the use of its management, technology, research and development, capital advantage of driving and regulating the development of renewable non-ferrous metal industry in China has a positive significance, also has greatly increased the size and concentration of renewable non-ferrous metal industry in China.
In recent years, China's renewable metal industry constantly improve the technology and equipment level, strengthen environmental protection, metal smelting recovery have greater improvement.
Through the survey statistics, at present our country renewable metal in the enterprise scale, light metals such as aluminum smelting recovery has reached more than 93%, heavy metals such as copper smelting recovery more than 97%, with foreign advanced level.


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