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In 2011, the world's largest and most influential Chinese international aluminum industry exhibition will be on July 13, grand opening in Shanghai new international expo center. It is reported, the exhibition has attracted global aluminum industry giants and extending the industrial chain of the enterprise representatives, covers a variety of industrial materials field appeared for the first time at the same time, relying on the 2011 year, the world's largest aluminum exhibition wonderful appearance, makes the exhibition "Asia's leading material purchasing platform solutions".
Recently, the reporter understands from exhibition organizers lizhan expo group, this exhibition will continue to rely on the industry's most advanced aluminum strip, aluminum consumption enterprises the most concentrated industrial hub in Shanghai, gathered from more than 30 countries and regions, more than 420 well-known manufacturers a comprehensive display material industry development status, there will be more than 13000 people from 90 countries and regions to participate in this exhibition. At the same time, in the past the exhibition covers aluminum industry production and processing and so on various important link, for a variety of suppliers, manufacturers, and builders, and light metals trade, consulting services, and other enterprises and application of industry to provide an international platform for the presentation and negotiation, the exhibition is the first innovation to copper, magnesium, composite materials and regeneration and utilization of resources, to absorb to come in, with the first "Shanghai international industrial materials exhibition" this new brand on the market. It is reported, this is the first worldwide in this form the industrial exhibition on display, and will effectively for the industry, especially the material application field enterprise, provides a set of trade, learning, training and building effective relationships in one comprehensive solution for procurement platform.
According to official statistics, the previous 2010 China international aluminum industry, from 80 countries and regions, 9059 professional audiences to visit, including 30 237 guests and visiting delegation at home and abroad. Of (among) all the attendance, 62.27% is a professional buyers purchasing recommend right and final decision. The exhibition of turnover among the best in the exhibition of its kind. And exhibitor is given to the latest statistics show that in 2011 the show, is expected to more than 44.75% of the audience, the audience come from architecture, electronics, hardware, packaging, power, telecommunications, household electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing industry such as aluminium applications. People with purchasing decisions will account for more than 60%. Predictably, the through capacity of 2011 China international exhibition of aluminum industry and Shanghai international exhibition industry material will break records in history, the exhibition and surrounding aluminium industry, a whole Asia the most grand feast industrial materials will also be open simultaneously.


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