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Is the world's most serious financial crisis in 2009 year, is the world's aluminum industry operating conditions the bleakest year, for the first time since 1947, a year of negative growth, aluminum production fell by about 2.2%, if there is no strong growth in China's aluminum production in supporting the decline rate will be larger. Although affected by shrinking exports, aluminum production growth is slow, but still up 9.3% than last year or so, production reached 16800 kt; Export 1384 kt; Fell 26.4% year on year. Import 580 kt, fell 6% year on year. Plate and strip production 4850 kt, imported 429 kt, export 482.5 kt; Extrusion material production 8300 kt, imported 90 kt, export 535 kt, aluminum foil production 1650 kt, 45 kt imports, exports 504.9 kt; Aluminium production 13650 kt, recycled aluminum production 4650 kt (data) by the authors.
2009 China aluminum flat rolled products under construction projects more than 70, production capacity of 8400 kt/a, features are: large projects, installed level is high, the regional distribution is wide, mostly in the Midwest and northwest.
About 40 in the aluminum extrusion project, production capacity of 4500 kt/a, the production capacity of more than 100 kt/a project of 10 or higher, the production capacity of 2160 kt/a, accounting for 48% of the total production capacity; Leading products for industrial extrusion material; The third feature is most for private enterprise; The fourth most projects in the Midwest.
In 2009, the research and development and production of composite aluminum great achievement in China, both innovation is high, the production of more than 118.8 kt, rose about 25%, the first belt of aluminum and steel heat transport production line put into production, the world's largest aluminum - copper composite conductive line project construction.
In 2009, is China's aluminum industry to the world of the strong, marks China's aluminium processing key points in the smelting process, thus should use aluminium pole production, as far as possible the strip and ingot casting; 10 major aluminum processing projects completed and put into production, is one of the most annual Chinese aluminum processing history.
The world trade protectionism looked up and China aluminum industry to deal with in anger
In front of the world financial tsunami wave, some countries and regions are not comply with the WTO rules lun the protectionist hammer from Europe to North America, from Asia to Oceania, towards China's aluminium exports to the aluminum exports of the year "anti-dumping litigation" more than the sum of the past eight years. The Chinese government and aluminum processing angrily, vehemently opposed, positive response, fully expressed the Chinese aluminum industry to cope with the international trade disputes, the increasing maturity of China has taken many measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises actively.
Commerce is strongly opposed to Canada for Chinese extrusion aluminum final dumping and subsidies
On February 26, 2009, Canada border services agency (CBSA) in Chinese aluminum extrusion materials to make final anti-dumping countervailing case, think that China's aluminium extrusion industry does not belong to market-oriented industry, ruling on China's exports to Canada extruded aluminum, high antidumping taxes (1.7% ~ 101%) and countervailing duties (2.59 yuan/kg to 15.84 yuan/kg). China's ministry of commerce spokesman yao jian said the Chinese government and industry strongly opposed the ruling.
India's exports to China aluminum flat rolled products "safeguard tax"
On January 27, 2009, the Indian bureau of safeguard measures for China's exports to India's aluminum plate with a transitional product special safeguards investigation, five days after the survey unit announced on February 2, for the case of preliminary decision, Suggestions on aluminum tape, foil respectively 21%, 35%, the special safeguard measures of tax, on February 13, the proposal is approved, and tax announcement on March 23, a period of 2009-03-23 ~ 2009-03-23. In new Delhi, India on March 31, the relevant departments in the hearing, organize enterprises to attend the China nonferrous metals industry association and published right, benefit, jointed opinions.
On May 29, for this case to make a final determination, bureau of safeguard measures India on imports of Chinese aluminum plate with foil, four-year safeguards taxes, the tax rate of 4 kinds of aluminum foil were 30%, 25%, 20%, 25%, four kinds of aluminum plate with 14%, 12%, 10% and 12% respectively. India's central government on the same day final approval, decided to China on June 19 tax announcement aluminum sheet with foil. The duties for two years, on March 23, 2009, check in on March 22, 2011. This is China's aluminium exports to Asian countries were the first anti-dumping case.
Canada ruled that China's exports of aluminium profile by government subsidies
On March 17, 2009, Canadian international trade tribunal (CanadianInternationalTradeTribunal) ruled that imports from China aluminum get government subsidies, the Chinese government is vehemently opposed. Since then, Canada will anti-dumping and offsetting tariffs, to this kind of product to cushion foreign manufacturers of Canadian aluminium extrusion price advantage.
The European Union on imports from China part of the aluminum foil provisional anti-dumping duty is imposed
The commission departments decided on April 8, since April 1, 2009 on imports from China part of the aluminum foil imposing provisional anti-dumping duties, including the bohai aluminium co., LTD. And Shanghai aluminum co., LTD., shandong aluminum LuFeng aluminum industry co., LTD., zhejiang ding sheng aluminum industry co., LTD. Of the aluminum foil, respectively, 10.7%, 28.3%, 31.9% of taxes, tax rate of 42.9% for other enterprises, the provisional anti-dumping duty on time for April 9, 2009 to October 2009.
On September 24th, 2009, the eu decided to China aluminum foil five-year formal anti-dumping duties, tax rate of 30%, formal anti-dumping duties is temporary duty in the above for a period of 6 months expires. The eu also decided that day of imports from Brazil and was held aluminum foil, five-year anti-dumping taxes, tax rates were 17.6% and 13.4% respectively.
In August 2009, the countries of the European Union on China's exports to the eu aluminium wheel formal investigation of anti-dumping, such as China, the five consecutive years of China's exports to the eu aluminium wheel up to 33% of anti-dumping duties were imposed on. Survey time sustainable more than 1 year, and select the Turkey as "cost control" of China's aluminium wheel, involved in products for "all exported from China to the relevant eu aluminium wheel". Given China's production cost is lower than that of the Turkish 33%, so the eu for aluminum wheel hub from China imposing a 33% of anti-dumping duties.


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